Bloom in the inheritance dream

Speech of bicai

What remains is real gold after big billows beat the sands. Bicai Industry, based in the electronic component industry and rooted in Yangtze River Delta, with its production base in Ningbo, radiating across the world. Now the company is at the forefront in the world in terms of company size, market share, technical equipment, service efficiency, innovation and the reserve of professional personnel. This is inseparable from selfless contributions of each Bicai member.


Inheritance is the life of Bicai. Create innovation in inheritance and make progress in innovation. In the past 30 years, Bicai always follows market laws, respects progress of science and technology, abides by national policies, grasps development chance and sticks to integrity, growing from weak to strong gradually. Bicai’s achievements are inseparable from recognition and support of its staff members, from foreign customers’ trust and love towards Bicai brand. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to people from all walks of life who have given Bicai care and support!

Confronted with new development trend and historical opportunity, we sticks to customer-first, solidary, realistic, tenacious and innovative spirit, develops more elaborate and high-quality products and strives to create a mutual benefit and win-win situation. Our company is working unremittingly in pursuit of providing excellent product and service for customers, contributing an enterprise’s due share to the society, being grateful for clients and repaying the society. In the future, we will continue to adhere the “steady and innovative, mutual benefit” tenet, enhance innovation research and development, improve service ability constantly and keep elaborate and strong in the electric component industry. Meanwhile, we are promoting the development in other fields, trying to build Bicai into a leading electric component supplier and service provider and making unremitting efforts to realize the “Centennial Bicai” dream!



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